What is pityriasis alba? Details about Kathryn Bernardo’s skin condition

MANILA, Philippines — Kathryn Bernardo was diagnosed with a skin condition during her visit to beauty doctor to the stars Aivee Teo.

In her latest vlog, Teo said the Kapamilya star has pityriasis alba after getting a closer look at her back.

“Alam mo what happened to you? Nagkaroon ka ng pityriasis alba,” she said. “Pityriasis alba is a condition where after you get sunburned, white patches appear.”

When Bernardo asked if her skin would get better if she stays under the sun again, Teo replied: “Hindi. Lalong magwa-white ‘yung white, magda-dark ‘yung dark.”

Considered a common skin condition particularly among kids and young adults, pityriasis alba is first characterized by red, scaly patches, according to Teo.

She added that it leaves pale marks on the skin after the redness has faded.


“That’s why even kids when they play sports, you’ll see marami silang white-white sa face. It’s the same condition,” she said.

Teo prescribed a series of skin treatments to address Bernardo’s condition.

But according to the health website Healthline, pityriasis alba usually goes away on its own.

And while it is usually triggered by sun exposure, its exact cause is unknown.

Meanwhile, Teo’s vlog also showed Bernardo’s weight loss journey from 55.1 to 51.5 kilograms, thanks mainly to calorie-controlled meals.

Reporting by Nadine Castro. With reports from ABS CBN ENTERTAINMENT


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