Why incorporating in Hong Kong is a brilliant business decision

Hong Kong — Expanding your business in Asia and beyond? We’ve listed some of the major benefits of setting up a Hong Kong company.

Tax is simple & low
Hong Kong is regarded as the freest economy in the world. With a general low corporate tax rate (8.25% on the first HK$2 million in profit, 16.5% for every dollar thereafter), Hong Kong is very competitive.

You can access half of the world’s population within five hours of travel from Hong Kong.
Hong Kong’s strategic location makes it easy to do business with mainland China and Asia as well as the rest of the world.

Logistics & shipping hub
Hong Kong is ideal for e-commerce. You can easily get your products shipped from China and shipping from Hong Kong to the rest of the world is relatively cheap. Plus, there are plenty of established service providers that can help with warehousing or drop-shipping.

How PreenXpress makes it easier…

Low-cost & fast setup
With PreenXpress Co, the process of setting up a company in Hong Kong is straightforward and can be done fully online. It takes just 10 minutes to apply and a few days later your company will be ready.

The costs are low compared to establishing a company in most other offshore jurisdictions, it’s just US$850 but we are offering a 20% discount that will save you US$170.00

Just use promo code: PX20 when asked for payment details.

No local directors required
Unlike some other (offshore) jurisdictions, Hong Kong law allows foreigners and non-residents to be the sole shareholder and director of a company, so you don’t have to partner with a local resident in order to establish your business.

Contact PreenXpress Co. via e-mail at preenxpress@gmail.com

PreenXpress is a subsidiary of Chan Tayag Southeast Equities (Hong Kong)

  • Annual Return (NAR1) filing
  • E-Company documents – Incorporation documents as Business Registration certificate, Certificate of Incorporation etc.
  • Legal documents – NDA, Partnership Agreement, Employment Agreement, etc.
  • Compliance alert of your company – Never miss an important filing date again
  • Business Tax Consulting
  • Company Compliance Guidelines
  • Capitalization Tablet in Eqvista.com – Shares management platform
  • Equity Management Guidelines
  • Customer support*

You may contact us at the following;


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