CT Grafix and Advertising Corp partner with Social Media Influencers to boost services

Manila – CT Grafix and Advertising Corp (CT) earned praises from media industry on Saturday for a successful partnership agreement with social media influencers to provide spectacular advertising services to small and medium enterprise in the country.

In a Facebook post, General Manager of CT Grafix and Advertising Corp Patrick Jerome Dan-uya said that the company move to partner with social media influencers will eventually move other corporate services on top high for the last quarter of 2022.


Recently, CT Grafix and Advertising Corp partners with the social media influencers controversial Matilda Gwapa for the production of Healing Hands Massage and Spa advertising and was expecting more content creation during this month.

Patrick Jerome said the partnership would further enhance the interoperability of the influencers or content creator and other advertising services the company has to offer.

CT officers with background in advertising management and planning are currently in Singapore for the preparation of the launching of the company’s recruitment division, the CT Overseas Recruitment Inc, which will commence anytime this month.

CT Grafix and Advertising Corp aims for a total of 100 significant social media influencers to partner before the year ends.


Blue Aragon, AdChoiceTV News/OneState News

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