Suzuki PH launches new S-Presso Special Edition priced at P568k

The hatchback gets new wheels to go along with other aesthetic upgrades

Suzuki Philippines (SPH) is giving one of its best-selling models, the S-Presso, some changes for 2022. Meet the all-new Suzuki S-Presso Special Edition.

This new variant of the popular hatchback gets a host of aesthetic upgrades. Most notable are the new stylish alloy wheels that take the place of the original steel wheels with hub caps.

The S-Presso also gets new black plastic claddings with silver accents on the doors. The same accents can be found on the grille, the front and rear bumpers, and the skid plates. SPH quietly added these to the base S-Presso-you can see it via our review here-but now they’re part of a completely new variant.

Inside, the S-Presso also boasts a few additions. There’s a new silver trim that adorns the center console, A/C louvers, and side panels to match the exterior look.

However, for those who were hoping to see mechanical upgrades here-like a new automatic gearbox-sorry to burst your bubble. The S-Presso Special Edition retains its 67hp, 90Nm 1.0-liter gasoline engine mated to a five-speed manual.

The Suzuki S-Presso Special Edition is priced at P568,000, making it P45,000 more expensive than the base GL variant. Only the Starry Blue Pearl color option you see here is available in our market.

The hatchback arrives just in time for the holiday season, so those of you who are eyeing a new starter car this Christmas might want to check this out. Do you think the aesthetic improvements are worth the price bump?

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