Toyota will be revealing the production version of the Aygo X next month

A few months ago, Toyota showed us the Aygo X Prologue concept, pictured here. “The aim of this project was to reimagine the A-segment,” said its design chief at the time, suggesting that this would be an all-new kind of city car. One a little more SUV-esque, it’d seem.


In November, we’ll see the finished thing. In Europe, the Aygo has been a mainstay of titchy affordable cars since its 2005 arrival, those early versions filled with innovative cost- and weight-saving solutions.

Some were small-using one piece of string to suspend the parcel shelf rather than two-while others were a little bigger. Such as sharing engineering and production with Citroen and Peugeot, whose C1 and 107/108 were non-identical twins to the Aygo.


But no more. Toyota is going it alone with the new Aygo X-it’s keeping the name of the concept, as well as its chunkier aesthetic-spinning its new entry-level car from the same platform as the latest Yaris.

That’s more likely to mean ‘light, simple, and potentially hybrid’ than ‘another rally-rep hot hatch,’ but that’s cool-for those who don’t need infinite cornering g or knockout styling, the latest normal, un-Gazoo’d Yaris is pretty damn good.

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“The Aygo X development team studied current and future lifestyles in urban and suburban environments in Europe to deliver a confident, compact crossover that is unique in the small-car segment,” we’re told.

Are you ready? 🤔

Reporting by Sean Tyler Chan


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