Heart Evangelista-Escudero answers “Gaano Kayo Kayaman?” question

Heart Evangelista entertained questions from her followers on Instagram to ease into the Thursday vibe.

The other questions varied, from her childhood memories to career activities. One brave and curious user even asked how rich she was.

“Not crazy crazy that’s for sure but what’s mine is mine,” the actress, artist and entrepreneur answered. 

“I work hard, damn I do! Maabilidad ako! I have dreams and I will pray hard and work hard to get it if not close to it,” she further said.

Hard work evidently pays off as the Kapuso star had also worked as the face of global luxury campaigns for big names such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Ferragamo, etc., to name a few.

Last year she launched her own brand, Maison Love Marie, dedicated to style, fashion and home items.

She also gave her own definition of “fabulous” when asked why she was fabulous.
“Because I’m older and I know better✔️Being fabulous to me is living life the way you want to:) working hard and playing hard🤍.”

The 36-year-old entrepreneur also shared the beat advice from her mom. “As you get older, your taste with men, music and wine changes … so don’t rush. ‘Collect, collect then select!’” she quoted.

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Catch the rest of the Q&A on her Instagram story before it’s gone at iamhearte.

First Published at LatestChika.com. Reporting by Patricia Elise Monsod


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