Motorists face heavy traffic as Skyway 3 starts toll collection

MANILA, Philippines — Heavy traffic greeted motorists on Monday as the toll collection at the Skyway Stage 3 started.

Skyway O&M Corporation President Manuel Bonoan said motorists are still getting familiar with the collection, explaining the traffic build up.

“The buildup as I said, this is the first day, it will take time for our motorists to be acquainted with toll collection procedure and processes, and a lot of inquiries,” he told AdChoiceTV News’ Traffic Center.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority warned motorists on the possible traffic on the first day of toll collection in the expressway. It also instructed some local government units to clear the Mabuhay Lanes in their respective areas.


Bonoan also said some motorists had problems with their RFID stickers, which contributed to the traffic situation.

“Most of the problems we encountered there is actually mainly of our RFID users (who) don’t have enough load. We have to attend to them and install their loads,” he added.

Once motorists get acquainted with the new system in the Skyway Stage 3, Bonoan said traffic in the expressway would ease up.

“These are birth pains you know, first day of the toll collection system along Skyway Stage 3,” he said. “In the meantime, anyway, we are fielding all our personnel to attend to any problems in any of the toll plazas that we have.”

After nearly seven months of free use, motorists can spend as much as ₱792 in using the expressway. The San Miguel Corporation earlier said the government can generate significant income from Skyway 3, as a 12% VAT will be imposed on all toll fees.

Reporting by Irvin Chua

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