Kylie Padilla on split with Aljur Abrenica: ‘All we need right now is respect’

Kylie's father had earlier confirmed that the young couple had split

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Kylie Padilla on Thursday, July 8, asked for “respect” amid her separation from husband Aljur Abrenica.

“Every family goes through a lot of challenges and sometimes we think that it is only the couple that goes through the ordeal. We forget the kids and people that are involved. In the past months, our family has gone through the process of recovering, healing, and moving on,” she said in a statement to GMA News.

Kylie’s father, Robin Padilla, earlier confirmed that Kylie and Aljur had split.


“All we need right now is respect — first and foremost on the decisions we have made as a family and respect for each and every member of our family — to Aljur who is the father of my two wonderful boys, most especially to Alas and Axl who are at this point very fragile, and to our families from both sides who have guided us along the way,” said Kylie, who shares two children with Aljur.

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“Aljur and I are working on a healthy co-parenting relationship together for our boys’ sake. We pray and hope that we will become better persons through this experience and will bring out the best in all of us,” she added. 

Kylie and Aljur wed in 2018.

Reporting by Patricia Elise Monsod


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