Phivolcs raises Taal Volcano to Alert Level 3 after phreatomagmatic eruption

A phreatomagmatic eruption involves both magma and water. Phivolcs warns there may be succeeding eruptions.

Taal Volcano in the province of Batangas was placed under Alert Level 3 on Thursday, July 1, following a phreatomagmatic eruption.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said in a bulletin on Thursday afternoon that Taal Volcano’s main crater “generated a short-lived dark phreatomagmatic plume one kilometer high” at 3:16 pm.

A phreatomagmatic eruption refers to “an eruption that involves both magma and water, which typically interact explosively,” according to the United States Geological Survey.


The eruption prompted the Alert Level 3 declaration.

“This means that there is magmatic intrusion at the main crater that may further drive succeeding eruptions,” Phivolcs said, referring to rising magma.

Taal Volcano was previously placed under Alert Level 2 last March 9 due to increasing unrest.

Now that the volcano is under Alert Level 3, Phivolcs recommended that Taal Volcano Island and high-risk barangays in the towns of Agoncillo and Laurel in Batangas be evacuated “due to the possible hazards of pyroclastic density currents and volcanic tsunami.”

Phivolcs reminded the public that Taal Volcano Island is a permanent danger zone and entry is prohibited.

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It also advised communities around Taal Lake “to take precautionary measures and be vigilant of possible lakewater disturbances related to the ongoing unrest.”

/ITC — AdChoiceTV News (Manila)


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