Duterte dares Pacquiao: Expose corrupt offices, individuals

MANILA (AdChoiceTV News) — President Rodrigo Duterte did not mince words in challenging Senator Manny Pacquiao to expose government offices and officials allegedly involved in corruption.

Duterte took offense at Pacquaio’s claim that the current administration was more corrupt than its predecessor.


“I’m challenging him. Ituro mo ang opisina nacorrupt at ako na ang bahala. Within one week may gawin ako. Maglista ka, Pacquiao, na sinasabi mong two times kaming corrupt. Ilista mo ‘yung mga tao at opisina at dapat nilista mo na noon at ibigay mo sa akin,” he said during his weekly televised briefing on Monday.

[Translation: I’m challenging him. Point to the corrupt offices and I will take charge. I’ll do something within a week… Make a list, Pacquiao, because you’re saying we’re twice as corrupt. List the individuals and the office. You should have made a list before and given it to me.]

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Duterte said previously, Pacquiao had nothing but praises for him as President. He dared the senator to prove the corruption allegations as true, because if not, Duterte said, it would prove that Pacquiao was just politicking.

The President also warned Pacquiao of what he would do if the lawmaker failed to prove his allegations.

“If you fail to do that, I will campaign against you because you are not doing your duty. Do it, because if not I will just tell the people, do not vote for Pacquiao because he is a liar,” said Duterte.

Duterte earlier called out Pacquiao after the latter’s comments on the West Philippine Sea.

“Apparently, this guy has a very shallow knowledge,” the President had said.

Both politicians belong to the PDP-Laban party, with Duterte as party chairman and Pacquiao as president.

/ART — AdChoiceTV News (Manila)


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