IATF: 10-day quarantine rule must be enforced to prevent entry of Delta Plus variant

MANILA (AdChoiceTV News) — Concerned government officials must ensure the strict implementation of the 10-day quarantine rule for returning Filipinos from abroad to prevent the entry of the Delta Plus variant in the country.

The appeal came from Inter-Agency Task Force co-chairman and Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles, who expressed concern on the continued spread of the Delta Plus variant, which now has at least 200 recorded cases in 11 countries.


‘Yung 10-day quarantine rule po natin, very important iyan. Nakita natin na it really worked doon sa 17 na nag-positive ng Delta variant dito sa ating bansa na mula saabroad,” Nograles told CNN Philippines’ Newsroom Weekend on Sunday.

[Translation: The 10-day quarantine is very important. We observed that it really worked with regards to the 17 people who tested positive for the Delta variant here in the country when they arrived from abroad.]

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Nograles added that the 10-day quarantine rule played a big role on why most of the 17 persons infected with the Delta variant in the country were discharged without having the risk of infecting other people. He also said one patient is still being monitored in the hospital.

Mapasukan lang tayo ng isang Delta variant, things will really drastically change on the ground. Importante na lahat ng airports ay higpitan natin ang ating 10-day quarantine rule,” he said.

[Translation: Once a Delta variant case slips, things will really drastically change on the ground. It is important that all airports must strictly enforce the 10-day quarantine rule.]

Nograles also assured that the available COVID-19 vaccine doses in the country can protect a person from severe infections, citing studies made by international medical experts.

The country has yet to record a single case of the Delta Plus variant, according to the University of the Philippines-National Institutes of Health.

The Delta Plus variant, also known as the B.1.617.2.1 or AY.1 variant, is a mutation of the Delta variant which has been blamed for the deadly surge in India in May. Infectious diseases expert Dr. Edsel Salvaña warned the variant is four times more contagious than the original virus detected in Wuhan, China in 2019.

/LMT — AdChoiceTV News (Manila)


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