Duterte: EDSA traffic no longer a problem

Manila (AdChoiceTV News) — President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said traffic jams along EDSA is no longer an issue as his administration has already fixed the problem.

He claimed travel time from Cubao to NAIA in Pasay is now at 15 minutes.

“Ang traffic ngayon sa EDSA maluwang na. But early on sa administration ko, it was a crisis there,” he said in an interview with his friend, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.


[Translation: EDSA traffic is no longer an issue. Early on in my administration, it was a crisis.]

EDSA is Metro Manila’s busiest thoroughfare. The National Capital Region has remained under varying degrees of lockdown and limited mobility for over a year and counting.

In 2019, he admitted that he couldn’t fulfill his campaign promise to fix the carmaggedon in EDSA.

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/LMT — AdChoiceTV News


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