Andi Eigenmann shares important lesson after family car breaks down

Andi Eigenmann took to social media to share some gems of wisdom she learned after their family’s car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

📸 Andy Eigenmann Instagram

It could have been a stressful time for their family of five but the actress got past it with a new outlook on life.  

“I knew when I posted these pictures, that I wanted to share the hassle of a day we had. But as I scroll through, I notice the big smiles, and can’t help but recall this moment as a fun one!” she wrote.


The happy island family — Andi, Philmar Alipayo and their three kids — spent the downtime with no signal and water.  

“Sometimes things (or) life just doesn’t go our way. It may be upsetting/it may cause our heads to explode. But we can also accept it graciously and be grateful instead,” she said.  

For Andi and her fiancé Philmar, this is the lesson that they want to instill in their children.

📸 Andy Eigenmann Instagram

📸 Andy Eigenmann Instagram

“Not once did they complain, they were just enjoying themselves, being out in the world, amongst all these coconut trees,” she said. 

What was supposed to be a difficult time turned precious when the 30-year-old mom stopped and looked at the world around her through the eyes of her kids Ellie, Lilo and Koa.

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