Netizens shift attention to Jollibee’s labor practices amid Towel Joy fiasco

Some netizens are training their sights on the working conditions in fastfood giant Jollibee’s branches following the fried towel incident, which became viral as netizens started sharing memes and jokes about it.

Even as thousands shared many happy memories with Jolibee, some netizens couldn’t help but implore the fastfood chain to look for a sustainable solution to the problem.

Some called out Jollibee for the long standing issue of contractualization, a work arrangement whereby workers are only hired for only about five months without security of tenure, monetary, non-monetary, and social protection benefits.


Some even resorted to satirical cartoons.

At the height of the incident, where a Jollibee customer ended up with a deep fried towel instead of her order of Chicken Joy, netizens rallied behind the nation’s leading fastfood franchise. via AdChoiceTV News


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