DOH lists 195 new COVID-19 deaths, over 59,000 active cases

MANILA (AdChoiceTV News) — The country tallied 195 new COVID-19 deaths raising the casualty count to 21,732, according to the Department of Health on Saturday.

The daily death count of over a hundred is the fourth in a row this week. The number of deaths is now 1.72% of the number of cases which rose to 1,262,273 after 6,955 more people got infected.

Of this total, 4.7% or 59,543 are active or sick patients, 93.5% mild symptoms, 2.4% without symptoms, 1.7% severe, 1.3% critical and 1.16% moderate.

The recovery count rose to 1,180,998 or 93.6% of the COVID-19 total after 8,109 more patients got better.

The DOH said two laboratories failed to submit reports on time. These contributed an average of 0.17% of samples tested and 0.21% of positive individuals in the last 14 days.

Of the new deaths, 102 were mistakenly tagged as survivors previously and reclassified after validation, while 19 duplicate cases were deleted, including 15 recoveries.


The daily positivity rate or rate of people who tested positive stood at 13.2% – still within the same 11 to 14% range since May 5 – based on 48,668 tests done as of June 3. The recommended rate is below 5% according to the World Health Organization, as higher rates may mean high transmission and more cases left undetected.

/ART — AdChoiceTV News


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