Cop caught on video shooting 52-year-old woman in QC

MANILA (AdChoiceTV News) — A police officer was arrested early Tuesday morning for the killing of a 52-year-old woman in Quezon City.

According to reports, Police M/Sgt. Hensie Zinampan was drunk when he shot Lilybeth Valdez in Barangay Greater Fairvew in Quezon City.

ABS-CBN News has posted a video taken by the victim’s family of Zinampan holding Valdez by her hair before shooting her.

Beverly Luceño, the victim’s daughter, told reporters that Zinampan had been in a fistfight with her brother on May 1. Both were drunk at the time, she also said.

Zinampan will face a murder complaint for the killing, according to Police Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, Philippine National Police chief. An administrative case will also be filed against Zinampan, who is assigned to the Police Security and Protection Group, to remove him from the police force.


A video posted by Super Radyo DZBB shows Eleazar scolding Zinampan and bringing him to a police car.

In December, another cop, Police SMSgt. Jonel Nuezca, was caught on video shooting 52-year-old Sonya Gregorio her 25-year-old son Frank Anthony at point-blank range during an argument in Tarlac.

Nuezca has been booted from the PNP and is being tried for murder.


The Nuezca case prompted calls for reforms in the PNP, but police and government leadership said it was an isolated incident and did not mean there is a culture of violence in the national police.

This is a developing story. / ART


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