Mad man slaps and insults boy on Lorong Halus Red Bridge (Video)

SINGAPORE (AdChoiceTV News) — A man was caught red handed slapping and going berserk at a boy on a bridge shared by cyclists and pedestrians.

The bald man was seen confronting the boy and slapping his face at least twice in a 45-second clip for allegedly blocking the path with his leg on the Lorong Halus Red Bridge in Punggol. The clip was filmed yesterday.

“I ask you to close your leg, so many bicycles here. Fucking idiot, you don’t be so rude I tell you ah,” the man said before slapping the boy.


According to Facebook page, the boy was cycling along the bridge when he caught a cramp and took a break to sit and stretch his legs on the ground. The man then allegedly “kicked” his leg and berated him while the boy continued to use his phone and refused to apologize until the end.

“It’s my fault la what you want [me] to do?” the boy said. “Then say sorry! Your fault right? Say sorry!” the man replied with another smack to his face.


The police have not immediately responded to AdChoiceTV News’ queries.

The man continues to hurl profanities at him, even calling out a boy who was filming the incident across from them an “idiot” and a “motherfucker” when the boy told him to “relax.”

“Keep quiet, it’s none of your business,” the man said. 

“Why you call me idiot sia?” the boy replied.

“Then call you what? Motherfucker ah? Happy?” the man said before walking away.

Besides being a cycling hotspot, the bridge has also been a popular hangout spot for youths where several have gotten into trouble for flouting safe distancing measures, vandalism and daredevil stunts like jumping off into the river.



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