Duterte: ‘Jet Ski’ Remark Pure Campaign Joke

AdChoiceTV News — President Duterte described on Monday night, May 10, his controversial “jet ski” remark five years ago as a “pure campaign joke” even as he insisted that he was not taking the Philippines’ sovereignty lightly when he made the comment.

Duterte, who recently drew flak for claiming that he never mentioned China during the 2016 presidential race, said those who took his joke seriously are not used to his language and campaign style.

“It was during the campaign period. We call it bravado…a pure campaign joke and if you believe the other side…I would say that you are really stupid,” the President said during a pre-recorded public address.

Did he really mean that the 16 Million who voted for him are STUPID?

“I was not taking lightly the sovereignty. It’s a pure joke actually but just to emphasize, I really mixed it with a joke. If you swallow it, my God, I wouldn’t comment anymore. Who is stupid? Don’t you know that I do not know how to swim? What if that thing falls?… By this time, I would have been the late Rodrigo Duterte,” he added.

Duterte noted the waves in the South China Sea are so huge that he would likely conk out in the waters.

“I said, this would be difficult. I would just tell you someday, I was afraid and I could not do anything. I was afraid to die, no gasoline, no spare parts,” he added.

Duterte said he had planned to go to the South China Sea and even bought a second-hand jet ski for the trip but it was unclear whether he was serious when he made the statement.

“I ordered but until now, it has not arrived. I cannot do anything,” he said.

Duterte assured the public that he would not give up the Philippines’ territory even if China is donating COVID-19 vaccines.

“There will be no compromise. China knows that. Even if it floods us with vaccines,” he added.

Reporting by Patricia Elise Monsod


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