Pampanga Church scandal: Priest accused of affair with man’s wife

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO — A five-minute video showing a furious man confronting a Catholic priest for coveting his wife began circulating in Pampanga since Monday (May 3).

In the video, the man whacked a family portrait in front of the priest during the confrontation in the social hall of the church where the priest serves.

The video has been shared on Facebook’s Private Message.

The priest was heard saying “I’m sorry.” The man shouted back: “You ruined our family.” He accused the priest of taking advantage of his wife.

The man recited with sarcasm one of the Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.”

The man’s son warned the priest that he would face investigation, hinting that a case for adultery was coming.

The man said his Catholic faith was not shaken but likened the priest twice to a “snake.”

Several persons milled around the priest in an apparent move to protect him. The priest was silent all throughout the clip.

The identities of the priest and the woman, although confirmed by Church sources, are being withheld pending investigation and to protect the man’s family.

“I am in contact with the priest and the family involved, We pray for God’s assistance and guidance,” Archbishop Florentino Lavarias said when sought for comment on Tuesday (May 4).

Article from Inquirer via Albert Rovic Tan / AdChoiceTV News


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