Virtual Travel to Hong Kong counters NCR Bubble

AdChoiceTV News — If you have not tried virtual tours, then you are missing out on this new travel trend. Many tourists and trotters have opted to shift their adventures online to scratch their travel itch. With virtual tours, you can visit your favorite place like Hong Kong without breaking a sweat.

Stroll the virtual city

Explore the bustling city of HK. Whether you are a first-timer or frequent visitor, start with Kowloon.   Strolling the area will take you to popular attractions like museums and markets. No need to worry about social distancing in the virtual world. 
You’ll see IG-worthy places, impressive street art and other hidden city gems that will help remind you to go back when the health crisis is over.

The tour may not allow you to pig-out on delicious street food, but, it offers an exciting adventure such as #HongKongHeist thanks to the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB). Check out some of its features below.

Finding Bruce Lee

Designed for HKTB by the masters of thrill Mystery Manila, Hongkong Heist is the latest online mystery hunt.  It allows you, your family or your friends to flex those Sherlock Holmes’ skills together to find the statue of Bruce Lee.

The 45-minute game will take players virtually to HK’s most famous landmarks such as the Avenue of Stars, Ladies Market, Old Town Central, Tai-O Fishing Village, and Lan Kwai Fong.

To locate the iconic Bruce Lee statue, players must find and solve the clues, puzzles, and riddles in these tourist spots. Just don’t get too caught up mesmerized by the beauty of the amazing places, then you are good to go.

A group of entrepreneurs with Chairman of Robert Chan International Ltd. a Hong Kong based businessman also took up the Hong Kong Heist! The team virtually strolled through the vibrant streets of HK to search for clues. They managed to finish the game in the nick of time. To get some tips on how to play this new and exciting HK attraction, see the fun in the livestream broadcast of the game.

Play the Hong Kong Heist

To play the game with family or friends and if your in the Philippines, just go to Mystery Manila’s official Facebook pageor website to book your slots. Select “Hong Kong Heist” and pick the date and time that’s best for your group. As soon as you pay online, a zoom link will be sent to you.

For a full immersive experience, it is best to use your laptop or desktop to get a full view of other participants and the game itself. Before playing, find a spot in your home where the Internet connection is stable.  Log-in on your booked time and day.  Relax and have fun in the game.

Playing the Hong Kong Heist may not be as real as travelling to HK itself, however, it can offer us a glimpse of the city we so terribly miss. Plus, Hong Kong Heist can also give us another level of experience that only the Fragrant Harbour can offer right now.

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Reporting by Letizia Tinoco


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