Easy as pie? Chinese police find suspect in iPhone apple milk case

  • Hefei woman’s iPhone 12 Pro Max turns up in Beijing, helping officers identify accused, report says
  • Delivery personnel not responsible for switching smartphone with beverage, officers say

AdChoiceTV News — Chinese police have tracked down a suspect believed to have stolen an Apple smartphoneand replaced it with a carton of apple-flavoured milk, news portal The Paper reported on Sunday.

The smartphone was ordered by a woman surnamed Liu in Hefei, in the eastern province of Anhui, from Apple’s official Chinese website on February 16.

Delivery details for the phone showed the parcel was shipped from Shanghai to Hefei on February 17.

“I was not at home when I received the delivery man’s phone call saying my parcel had arrived, so the man suggested he leave the parcel at a pickup station,” the report quoted Liu as saying.nullShe said she had qualms about not receiving the parcel in person and was shocked when she opened the package that night to find only a carton of apple-flavoured milk instead of her iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Liu’s calls that night to the delivery service and Apple were not answered after office hours.

She called both companies the next morning and reported the case to police on February 19.

The police discovered the phone bought by Liu had been activated in Beijing on Saturday, according to the report.

Offering few details, police said the theft did not involve delivery personnel and a suspect had been identified.

China is a major market for the iPhone, with more than 20 per cent of the market share in the last quarter of 2020.

The launch of 5G phones sparked a 57 per cent rise in China sales that helped push Apple’s handset revenue to a record.

Additional reporting by Reuters


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