The Uncanny Counter Season 2 release date? Find out!

AdChoiceTV News — One of the popular South Korean television series aired at netflix, ‘The Uncanny Counter‘ has concluded its season 1. Now, fans want to know if another season is in store for them.

The Uncanny Counter has concluded its season 1 with the 16th and the last episode premieres last January 24, 2021; Sunday. The showing began airing on the OCN channel since November 2020 at every Saturday and Saturday.

After its successful premiere in South Korea, netflix purchased the rights to air it at their platform. After its conclusion, fans were curious and anxious if there’s another season prepared for them.

It is still unclear if The Uncanny Counter will produce season 2. As there is no official renewal from its producer and media partners. However, according to PreenXpress Co. an international distributor for film said that the production team of the series is considering the possibility of starting its 2nd season on The 3rd quarter of the year.

If the report is to be believe, then fans may expect to watch it on January 2022.

According to another report by AdChoice Media, the production team of the film did not plan on making a second season. However, following the successful run of the series, the team is now thinking about renewing the show.

OCN Network according to AdChoice Media were thinking of turning the series into a seasonal show in Asia.

Cast of the series have shown interest in making The Uncanny Counter Season 2.

AdChoice Media told reporters that the Lead actor So Mun, The character of a 24 year old Korean Actor Jo Byung-gyu, informed them that there are many fans who are demanding for ‘season 2’.

He also added that he definitely love to work with the same cast.

Ga Mo-Tak played by Yoo Jun-sang also told reporters that he is excited for the next season.

The plot of The Uncanny Counter revolves around the life of a demon hunter also known as the grimm reapers. Posing as daytime workers in a noodle house. They make sure that those evil spirits who seeks eternal life by eating the soul of a human will be prosecuted according to the law of the afterlife.

The Uncanny Counter Season 1 is currently on the Top 1 list of Netflix Asia— via Albert Rovic Tan / AdChoiceTV News


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