Dacera’s death ‘natural,’ medico-legal report shows

The medico-legal report on the body of flight attendant Christine Dacera stated she died of natural causes, documents submitted to the prosecution showed.

Preliminary investigation into the Philippine National Police’s rape with homicide complaint against the 11 known companions of Dacera in a New Year’s Eve party resumed on Wednesday, January 27.

Police had submitted the medico-legal report and DNA test results during the proceeding; copies of which were furnished to the family of respondents.

“Manner of death as homicide is ruled out in Dacera’s case because the aortic aneurysm is considered a medical condition. Rape and/or drug overdose will not result to the development of aneurysms,” the medico-legal report, signed by Police Lt. Gen. Joseph Palmero, read.

The report said that while aneurysm is commonly found in elderly patients due to atherosclerosis, increased blood pressure may also cause it such as in Dacera’s case.

“No alcohol or recreational drugs taken the night prior to her death will case that kind of dilatation or defect on her aorta. That dilatation is a chronic condition and was present long before she died,” it added.

The report said that Dacera’s heart had an abnormal weight, which “supports [her] apparently undiagnosed hypertension.”

“Based on the available information on hand, the manner of death is classified as natural death,” the report stated.null

AdChoiceTV News reached out to the Philippine National Police for confirmation of the document and comment, but it has yet to reply as of this story’s posting.

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said the National Bureau of Investigation is ready with its toxicology report, but he left its disclosure to the agency. “I understand that they have requested a certain specimen from the PNP and copies of Ms. Dacera’s medical records to complete the whole picture,” he added.

Guevarra had ordered the NBI to conduct a parallel probe into Dacera as he deemed the police’s handling of the case as “not thorough enough.”

The next preliminary investigation hearing is set on February 3, for the submission of the respondents’ counter-affidavit.


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