SB19’s ‘Hanggang Sa Huli’ featured in ‘Gameboys’ season 2 teaser

A’TINs and “Gameboys” fans are shooked! They received the news on Friday evening that their favorite P-pop group and the popular Filipino boys’ love (BL) show have collaborated. 

TheIdeaFirst Company released the teaser trailer for “Gameboys 2” on its YouTube channel. It shows gamers-turned-lovers Gavreel (Kokoy de Santos) and Cairo (Elijah Canlas) having their sweet moment while tickling each other. Towards the end of the clip, SB19’s hit ballad “Hanggang Sa Huli” was played along with the cast credit.  The trailer ended with the word “Soon” flashed on the screen. 

The video has been viewed over 212,000 times with 30,000 likes and 6,300 comments as of press time.

Many fans in the comments section were happy to see the collaboration. 

“I was like, ‘Man, finally an official trailer’. Then SB19’s ‘Hanggang Sa Huli’ played. (Shocked emoji). The anticipation doubled,” Blue 26 wrote on YouTube channel of TheIdeaFirst Company.

Some were speculating if the song is a foreshadowing of the relationship between Gavreel and Cairo. 

“Hanggang Sa Huli” is a ballad from  the group’s 2020 debut studio album. It is a sad song full of longing and of a love that has long been gone. 

“Kahit pa ang mundo ay mag-iba, ako’y laging nandirito / ‘Di man ako para sa ‘yo, puso’y ‘di magbabago / Walang iba, walang iba, wala nang hahanapin pa / Pag-ibig ko’y sa ‘yo, sa ‘yo hanggang sa huli,” goes part of its lyrics. null

Seventeen’s Trash wrote: “SB19XGameboys is one of the best thing that happened this year! My thirdwheel and A’TIN heart is so happy. Pero huy! Mapanakit ang ‘Hanggang Sa Huli’. Sana naman hindi rin magiging ganoon ka mapanakit ang Season 2 ng GB.” 

Still, many remained excited on the premiere of the show’s second season. — via Albert Rovic Tan / AdChoiceTV News


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