Capitol staffers shown hiding for their lives during siege in haunting photos

AdChoiceTV News — Haunting photos emerged Thursday showing congressional staffers barricading themselves inside offices during Wednesday’s storming of the US Capitol.

The stunning snaps show suited workers pushing large furniture in front of doorways as thousands of President Trump’s supporters overtook Capitol police, swarmed the federal building and ransacked offices.

One of the photos shows seven masked staffers pushing a large mahogany table in front of a door as chaos bubbled just beyond the barrier. 

Another image shows two men pushing a cushy white couch in front of a door while another knelt for cover. 

The photos were taken moments after mobs of Trump diehards overran the federal building and interrupted a joint session of Congress that was in the process of certifying Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

Security alerts notified elected officials and staff of the breach just as the mob had broken windows to gain entry to the famed dome — leaving them with mere minutes to hunker down and attempt to secure rooms without police assistance.

Another image that emerged Wednesday during the attempted insurrection showed how little time staff had to evacuate — it depicted a computer with emails still on the screen alongside a federal alert warning staff to take cover. — via Sean Tyler Chan / AdChoiceTV News


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