January 4 to January 8, 2021 Coding Update

Happy New Year to all our readers & followers.

Many of us are still on a Holiday hang-over but most of us still need to go back to work.

The Number Coding Scheme in Metro Manila and Calabarzon for the First Week of January 2021 is still suspended as per MMDA. But Truck Ban will be implemented on all major roads like Edsa, C5 etc. So for those truck drivers (6 wheels up) you are prohibited to use Major Roads on your ban hours.

Meanwhile, Makati City will still implement coding scheme but with certain exemptions. Meaning if you are travelling alone, you can’t use your car on your number coding day but if you are travelling with someone or more then you are exempted from the coding scheme.

Public Works Secretary Mark Villar announced that the Skyway Stage 3 is open to all motorist and it will be free for the entire month. We suggest to all motorist coming from South and Travelling to North to use the new skyway 3 connecting Buendia to balintawak and maintain the speed of 60kph.

Skyway advisory for all motorist passing Skyway Stage 3

Due to the surge of Covid-19 in Metro Manila, all Manila residents who are returning home after the holidays would have to head to a quarantine facility to get tested for COVID-19 before they are welcomed back into their respective barangays.

This new policy, aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19, was laid out in a recent letter from the Manila Health Department to barangay chiefs and is effective beginning Saturday, January 2.

Everyone who would get tested for COVID-19 would have to spend a day or two in a quarantine facility as they wait for their results.

Those who test positive would be brought to quarantine facilities for COVID-19 patients, while those who test negative would be given a medical certificate along with their test results which they can present for entry into their barangays.

The Philippines has the second worst outbreak in Southeast Asia, next to Indonesia’s over 743,000 cases.

Metro Manila is still under GCQ. Always travel with caution. Wear your mask and bring alcohol. Maintain social distancing and avoid attending to any gatherings.

AdChoiceTV News will continue to update weekly coding scheme during the quarantine period and will resume daily updates once everything is back to normal. — via Sean Tyler Chan

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