Another body found in Makati

MANILA, Philippines — A week after the bullet-riddled bodies of two men were dumped along Osmeña Highway in Makati, a man was found along EDSA in Makati on Thursday night.

A plastic bag was on the victim’s head and an electrical cord wound around his neck, police said.

The man, estimated to be between 30 and 40 years old, was clad in denim shorts, blue slippers and a baseball cap. He was found in the gutter of EDSA’s northbound lane near Evangelista street in Barangay Magallanes at past 11 p.m

Police said the victim bore six gunshot wounds and 15 bullet casings from a still unknown type of gun were found near the body.

A placard with the words “snatser magnanakaw mandurukot ako wag tularan (I am a snatcher, thief, pickpocket. Don’t emulate me)” was left with the victim’s body.

Police have yet to identify the man and determine the circumstances surrounding his death. — via Irvin Chua, AdChoiceTV News


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